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    24 July 2015

    Daumen hoch Een voor allen, allen voor een

    Participate in an event actually offered for maximum action. Forced wars with rewards and, while we're there, since the limits of fighting are lifted, allow PENTAGONS capture on everyone ... Are you afraid of being abused all weekend? Relax, a single attack well placed before the end of the event will allow you to regain the summits, and to eventually put in your pocket a nice reward...

    Watchword ? It's not over until it's over ... This means that until the end, everything can change.

    Here are the rules and rewards:

    Top Ally Winners: 3 Alliances per server
    1st place: 30 diamonds / player and daily transfer multiplier = 5
    2nd place: 20 diamonds / player and daily transfer multiplier = 3
    3rd place: 10 diamonds / player and daily transfer multiplier = 2

    Remember that the rewards of winning wars will be credited according to the usual award criteria.

    Pentagon Capture Winner: 3 players per server
    1st place: 200 diamonds
    2nd place: 100 diamonds
    3rd place: 50 diamonds

    Obviously, the least cheat detected will lead to the exclusion of the event and the abandonment of any rewards. In the case of joint management or attempted arranged war(s), the entire alliance will be excluded. The players in question will be padlocked for quite some time. Dear alliances admins, spread the word: a case of sitting in your troops will disqualify all of your ally, so be vigilant and do not forget the directives. Attention also to inter-ally suspicious transfers ... Since when does one pay the one that got defeated? The practice will be treated as an unauthorized arrangement.

    PS: The combined reward limit (for example, in the case of a player who is a member of an ally in first place and individually in first place in the Pentagon count) the reward limit will be the highest reward amount of both (top ally and capture).

    So on track, and unleash the fires of the underworld.
    Country manager Looki Publishing pour la France

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    21 November 2014


    Here are the winners:


    1 Easy Company
    2 Unbreakables Delta
    3 La Cosa Nostra

    1 pipo1942
    2 Black
    3 Gzylu


    1 -nightguard-
    2 Steiner1940
    3 pluisje123


    1 Oliehandel Joep
    2 Die Wildgänse kommen
    3 Het Land van Oma en Opa

    1 carperteam
    2 brouwershaven
    3 lone rider


    1 SCl2 + 2 C2H4
    2 Simply The Best
    3 The Art Of Military

    1 de-masterKing
    2 langeP
    3 Galaten

    Team Looki

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