Dear players,
this time, the massive update we planned for you will be applied to your full gaming experience with us. The first part (and only the first) of this update concerns your game’s update in particular. More content and changes will be brought to you over the next few days. But for now, here it goes.
  • This version corrects various minor display and coding errors. It also provides several enhancements.
  • The Scrap Dealer event, also known as « disarmament treaty » event, has been enhanced to propose different delays to the auto-selling of weapons. Now it's possible to use it more frequently.
  • Unwanted characters have been removed from the game’s dictionary.
  • Numbers have been given extensions to far greater lengths (no more « undefined » suffix).

  • As per new features this update introduces a few important changes to give you more control on your game than you ever had.
  • 18 new units have been added to the game, to represent the Empire of the Rising Sun contigency.
  • Two new buildings have been added to your base: the « Diner » and the « Consulate ».
    The Diner provides different bonuses and gathers certain premium features like units and extra vacation days. It will also regroup your daily missions.
    The Consulate is where you can activate future units and grant them an upgrade in attack/defense and travel times statistics. Please note: at the moment, the upgrade is proposed only on Japanese units.
    These two additional buildings will be used from now on to introduce various bonuses and new content to the game, on a regular basis.
  • You may now delete some of your old nicknames or even all of your previous nicknames from your profile. In addition, you can also use an alias, incognito, pending upon supports approval, for up to 7 days with a possible extension. Sucker punching an old enemy while hiding in the dark is now possible. But beware, support sees all history.
  • Same applies to your alliance history. Much like a witness relocation program, you can give yourself a fresh start and wipe out all the data that made it possible to always retrieve you. Change life, change crowd and identity for your sake or to simply wreak havoc.
  • Our rules have been harmonized and are accessible at all times from within the game.

Team Looki