loyal player and bloodthirsty warmonger.
Over the next few days, we will share plenty of exciting news with you. Lot of changes are coming your way, positive and needed changes. We will detail them one at a time, so please stay tuned.

Here we do games, not only first and foremost, but only games! And the key to keeping a game alive is to keep its gameplay updated. Whether it’s to improve certain aspects that can afford to be or to integrate new features, answering some of your demands and suggestions while doing so, updates are meant to fix, enhance and renew your favorite game without either disrupting it nor changing the essence of what it is and what brought you to it in the first place and kept you playing it.

And, for that matter, expect DO, GoW and WG to never cease being updated and expect the next update really soon, within the next few weeks, with plenty of judicious ideas brought to your game by some of our finest players who weren’t afraid to share with us their propositions.

What about Support?
Because we want to be always able to hear from you when you decide to talk to us, we couldn’t leave out of our makeover plan our support platform.

Whether you found an irregularity in the behavior of another player and want to report it, or you had a technical issue with your account or game, or just want to share with us your thoughts and suggestions, you and us cannot do without a proper ticket system.

From now on you will get: a shorter waiting time in getting answered due to a smarter, more intuitive way to sort and prioritize tickets on our side; a modern point and click interface and an easy access to your already answered tickets. So… let’s keep in touch!

As you know, we’ve been integrated to the Gamigo AG group almost 2 years ago now. After having gained a greater infrastructure, more manpower and technical support, we will now be integrated to the Gamigo global portal with a modern, slick and straight-forward interface for all our games. You’ll find it easy to use and to access your account.

Not just an aesthetic change, this is a real ergonomic improvement: these changes weren’t meant just as changes but were put together and planned to expand, improve and extend your gaming experience with us. We’re happy and proud to introduce them to you.

How do we make sure that you get more for your buck? How do we ensure a system that prevents you from spending more diamonds than you need for any given task? How do we acknowledge your way of playing and using diamonds whichever way you choose to? Well, we all sat down, all departments from support to development to the white collar team, and we came up with a diamond reform entirely in your interest.

Here’s how it goes down:
Diamond effect was until now 1 diamond for a 30 minutes time reduction;
We brought this to 1 diamond = 1 minute time reduction;
Of course we multiply every diamond count (owned and to buy) by 30 to match this.

Why? So you simply NEVER have to spend more diamonds than needed to shorten a duration or instant-finish it. Before, whether you needed to complete a task of 5 or of 30 minutes, the cost was the same amount of diamonds. Well, not anymore.
And same will apply to diamond exchange for resources: that juicy diamond was giving you a handsome 10 billion dollars and a lot of 0’s behind it? Pretty sweet. But maybe you only needed 8 or 5 of these billions right now… So while your account is worth the very same, you can now choose how much you get so you never get more than what you need.

You are given way more control over your diamond currency and that’s what matters.
Acess to the game
Access your game as you usually do, and you'll see it integrated into the Gamigo portal. There, log in with your usual email address (the address linked to your Looki account) and your password. These have not been changed. Please note, however, that the connection will be possible only with your email address and not with your nickname. If you have forgotten the email linked to your account, log in to the portal, click on your nickname on the top right, then on Edit profile and under the tab Personal data you will find your email address. If you still have trouble logging in, contact support.

Team Looki