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    24 July 2015

    Standaard The More The Merrier

    If you had the choice between glory and dishonor, which one would you pick?

    It seems easy at first glance, a bit like having to decide between being rich and healthy or poor and sick. And yet, think again: this choice you have it, and some of you will not make the right choice.

    To the winners, glory, respect, satisfaction and rewards.

    To ther others ... the bitter taste of defeat on which there’s no need to insist.

    Participate in a Top Ally like you've never seen before! Wager great rewards to enjoy alone (diamonds), and with your team (ally transfers to your account increased)!

    The rules, in a nutshell:
    • Alliance rankings are divided into groups, based on the average points of their members;
    • As soon as the event is launched, the attack limits are lifted: all players within a group can attack all players in the same group;
    • From the first attack launched between two ally, a forced war is triggered;
    • Diplomacy (wars / naps / confederations etc ...) is paused during the event and resumes at the end of;
    • There is no limit of attacks during a top ally: as long as you can attack the same enemy, do not count: goodbye moderation;
    • There is no transfer of buildings during a top ally: wins and losses are recorded;
    • The bash is 0% for the duration of the event and it remains at 0% 3h after the end of the top ally (Monday 03:00) to avoid the illegitimate transfer of buildings / points;
    • The spying limit is the same as always (6 / 12h);
    • At the end of the event, the 3 ally of each front to have scored the most points will be victorious and rewarded (in the event that they scrupulously respected the rules and EUA);
    • In the event of a draw, the ally with the most fights will be selected;
    • The more you attack, the more you add to your alliance cashbox;
    • If you win, you benefit during 7d of transfers from your alliance to your account multiplied by up to 5 times;
    • Diamonds are also donated individually to the players of the victorious alliances.

    The rewards:
    • 1st place: 1200 diamonds for each member + Alliance multiplier x5 for 7 days.
    • 2nd place: 600 diamonds for each member + Alliance multiplier x3 for 7 days.
    • 3rd place: 300 diamonds for each member + Alliance multiplier x2 for 7 days.

    Event and Top ally start at 12:30 am on Friday. The top ally finishes Sunday at 23:59. The bash remains at 0% until Monday 03:00. The rest of the event continues until Monday 23:59.

    You are not in an ally and want to enjoy the event? You are in an unclassified ally (less than 10 members) and want to participate? Ask one of the ally admins you want to join to contact us via ticket. That he gives us your name, and we will integrate you to an active ally during this event.

    Please contact us by Friday 17h for these last minute changes. After that, we will not be able to transfer you anymore.

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    21 November 2014


    Here are the winners:


    Easy Company
    Unbreakables Delta
    Eendracht Maakt Macht


    Oliehandel Joep
    Seal Team Six
    Die Wildgänse kommen

    Team Looki

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